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With friends/ FROYO & Chymes

Brisbane heartthrobs FeelsClub unleash creative havoc in the form of intergalactic dreamweaving dance pop. Since their first gig in March 2016, FeelsClub have already caught BNE with their magnetic lust that can get even the most sober punter grooving.

The band has already shared the stage with Philadelphia Grand Jury, Gideon Benson (former guitarist from The Preatures), Bugs and recently opened Jungle Love Festival, and once you pay their live set a visit it’s easy to see why they’re gaining so much attention. FeelsClub are not just a band playing music, they are an experience, a journey, an exploration of GREAT CONTENT.

Their leading man St Jonnie’s strong vocals and ostentatious moves are raw, erotic and unapologetic; leaving little to the imagination and a lot to your sensations. The end of a set leaves you with nothing but sweat from your dance moves with an uncontrollable desire for more; and more is what you’ll get.


Comprising of like-minded kids who met in a classroom, FROYO are a fun-toting pop act with a taste for the 80s.

Originally a production outfit in their early days, the group promptly refashioned themselves into a live band and have been serving up sweet spoonfuls of synthpop ever since.

Though each member brings a slice of colorful ethnicity to the table, their sole ethos is simple: Music needs more than a dance beat... it needs a heart beat ❤


Music producer Cameron Taylor and songwriter Kiersten Nyman have pricked up the ears of music fans far and wide with their homespun and tender EP. Chymes have shown their instinctive and rare ability to draw a listener into their own intimate world. Full of gently flirtatious beats and haunting lyrics, their unique brand of electronic-pop has captured an audience around the globe with their first singles 'Oracle' and 'Clouds', and now their debut EP ‘Grow’.

Paddington, WA, Australia
Paddington, Australia