Looking: A Comedy by Norm Foster aka Shannon's Latest Play

Coquitlam, Canada

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Looking: A Comedy by Norm Foster aka Shannon's Latest Play
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Hello Friends! As many of you know, I've been cast in Stage 43's production of the SUPER FUNNY comedy "Looking" by Canadian playwright Norm Foster & directed by Richard Wiens. In a nutshell, you've got 2 lonely middle aged, slightly neurotic and maybe a wee bit crazy, people looking for love via the personals (VAL & ANDY) who drag reluctant friends along on their date as buffers (MATT & NINA *me). What could possibly go wrong? I dare you to keep count of how many times someone sticks their foot in their mouth!!
*Note: Cheeky adult content (sexual inuendo), not for kids.

I would so love if YOU and anyone you'd like to share a FUN night out with could come out to the show!! TOP 5 Reasons you should come out:

1. You Like to Laugh - especially when someone else is the one saying something stupid! (Or, you enjoy watching actors desperately trying to keep a straight face --- we're working on that!)
2. Beat the After Christmas Blues - Let us entertain you after all the Christmas & New Year's festivities. A little joy on a dark winter night is a good thing!
3. Date Night - Perfect for couples! Yes, even guys who don't 'do theatre' And it's cheaper than going to the movies! w/ popcorn, extra butter etc etc
4. Witness History in the Making: See me fulfill my dream of finally getting to play a cop! Bucket list, CHECK!
5. You Like to Support Friends/Community Events: No explanation necessary.

Here's the details:

Thurs Jan 12 - Sat Jan 14 Eves 8pm & Sun Jan 15 - Matinee 2pm
Wed Jan 18 - Sat Jan 21 Eves 8pm
*Yes - that's it! Only 2 weeks and only one matinee!!

Evergreen Cultural Centre - Coquitlam, BC
*Yup, Coquitlam -- I'm all over the map! Fraser Valley peeps, I'll pay for your gas.... maybe.... probably not... but I'd be eternally grateful if you came :)

Adults $22 (Or bundle 10 or more tickets $15/ea - make it a party!)
*If watching the wallet, I beleive they often offer Wed & Thurs eves 2 for 1 tix
Purchase online here: http://evergreenculturalcentre.ca/event/stage-43-presents-looking/2017-01-15/



**And if all that doesn't get you excited to come out. I'm begging! Shameless, unadulterated grovelling... ;)

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Evergreen Cultural Centre 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, V3B 7Y3, Canada