3ala Ganoob - Luxor/Edfu/Kom Ombo/ Aswan/Nuba - Premium Event ~ Cairo, Egypt
Have you ever dreamt of sailing along history?! Have you ever visited South of Egypt? Have you ever visited Nuba? Heard of the Famous Anakato?
We offer you a unique experience to visit 5 cities & 1 Village (Luxor-Edfu-Esna-Komombo-Aswan-Nuba) in 1 week! This trip down the River Nile is one of the best ways to see Egypt and the relics of its ancient past. The cruising experience will give you time to relax and take in the scenery of the Nile Valley, while enjoying daily tours to some of the most impressive Ancient Egyptian temples.
This trip is perfectly organized & chosen for our premium customers 


Date: Friday 13th of January, 2017 till Tuesday 17th of January, 2017 (if travelling by train add +1 day before & after)

Nile Cruise Radamees – 5 * Deluxe & Nubian Houses “Anakato - Artika" OR "Ekadoli"

Price: 1990 EGP ( last night in Anakato - Artika)
Price: 1850 EGP (last night in Ekadoli)


1- Please fill in the following form for registration:

2-Call us at 01120129189 for payment

N.B: Please bring a photo of your National ID along with payment


• Karnak Temple
• Luxor Temple
• Luxor Local Market
• Valley of the Kings
• Temple of Queen Hatshepsut ( El-Deir El-Bahari )
• Colossi of Memnon
• Esna “El Hawees”
• Edfu
• Komombo
• Galabya Party
• Philae Temple
• Nubian Party & Night
• Anakato
• Gharb Sohiel Island
• Barbar Beach
• Relaxing Nature Reserves in Nuba
• El 7aga Loza
• 7enna Drawing
• Aswan Local Market

Itinerary Details:

Day 0:
- Gather at Cairo Railway Station
- Head to Luxor Railway Station

Day 1: (Luxor)
- Arrival at Railway Station (6 am)
- Visit West Bank
- Valley of the Kings
- Temple of Queen Hatshepsut ( El-Deir El-Bahari )
- Karnak Temple
- Luxor Temple
- Lunch on board
- Sail to Edfu via Esna “El Hawees”
- Dinner on board

Day 2: (Edfu - Kom Ombo)
- Breakfast on board
- Visit Horus Temple in Edfu
- Lunch on board
- Afternoon tea during Sailing to Kom Ombo
- Visit the Temple shared by two gods Sobek & Haeroris in Kom-Ombo
- Dinner on board
- Galabeya Party
- Sail to Aswan

Day 3: (Aswan)
- Breakfast on Board
- Visit the High Dam
- Visit the Temple of Philae
- Feluca around Kitchner Island
- Lunch on board
- Dinner on board
- Overnight in Aswan & Free time

Day 4 (Nuba “Gharb Sohiel”)
- Breakfast on board
- Check out
- Arrival at Nuba “Gharb Sohiel”
- Check in at our Nubian House
- Head by our feluca to visit the nature reserves of Aswan, Anakato beach & Barbar beach
- Time to drink tea and Nubian coffee at the Barbar café with its amazing spot on the Nile
- Then our felucca will take us to “ Bait El-7aga Loza” to enjoy the beautiful Nubian food and fruits
- There will be time to take pictures with the little crocodiles and draw 7ena
- Unforgettable Nubian night party

Day 5: (Nuba “Gharb Sohiel”)
- Breakfast at our Nubian house
- Free time at “Gharb Sohiel” loacal market
- Check out
- Head to Aswan Market
- Back to Cairo

Day 6:
- Arrival at Cairo Railway Station


Price inclusions:
• Air-conditioned private bus & felucas along the trip
• 3nights/4 days Nile Cruise 5* Deluxe
• 1 night/ 2 days hotel at Nuba “Gharb Sohiel”
• Full Board Food Policy
• Tour Guide - Egyptologist
• All mentioned visits, entrance fees & activities
• Tour Leader
• Professional Photography
• Tipping


Price Exclusions:
• Any not mentioned activity
• Transportation from Cairo to Luxor & back from Aswan to Cairo (we will help you booking it)

From Cairo & back:
Every participant needs to fix his/her transportation & you have more than one option:
1- Train:
• Sleeping train (which we do recommend and can help you out with its reservation)
• Normal 1st class train

2- Flying to Aswan using Egypt air (cost depends on the season and time of reservation)
Bring List:
• Passport / ID
• Spare eyeglasses + hard shell case
• Tissues/wet ones/toilet paper
• Money (+emergency money)
• Medications for any personal medical conditions
• 1 t-shirt for each day
• Comfy Trousers
• Sun Hat / Head Cover
• Shorts
• 1 socks for each day
• Comfortable Shoes and sneakers
• pajama
• Sweater
• Brush + toothpaste
• Sun Block
• Face towel (small)
• Deodorant
• Cross-bag or Backpack
• Camera
• Mobile + Charger
• Gifts for Locals’ kids
• Sandals/light shoes
• Special Food (Snacks)
• Sunglasses


Payment Conditions:

- Deadline for registration & payment is Thursday 1st of December, 2016
- Places are very limited
- Tickets are sold based on first come first served
- Full payment has to be done for complete registration
- 50% refund is offered before the mentioned deadline & no refund after the mentioned deadline (logistics we will not be able to cancel)

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