Bali 2017 with Beth Borowsky ~ Ubud, Indonesia

When women gather together something magical happens and it's my pleasure and privelege to create that space

A JustBreatheYoga Goddess Retreat weaves this magic into an experience that nurtures your soul, brightens your spirit, opens your heart, calms your mind and relaxes your body.

it’s not a bootcamp...
you can do as much or as little as you like

Resembling the magnificent lotus flower waiting to blossom, there is a Goddess within you waiting to emerge. All you have to do is gift yourself with some time away from the stress of work, the demands of family and the craziness of life.

rest, relax, laugh, love and revive

Most likely, your inner wisdom is whispering “Stop striving and working so hard, stop caring for everyone else… I need some me time, some space to rest, receive, feel blissful and self loved.”

My promise to you is that our Bali Goddess Retreat will nurture your soul, brighten your spirit and bring energy back into balance so that you can heal, grow and flourish, as every Goddess deserves.

may each breath be a blessing
you both give and receive,
spacious with gratitude for this moment we share and at the end of the day,
may you rest
content with awareness that you have lived

Our days start by creating a sacred space in the magnificent open air studio. Steeped amongst the verdant green rice fields, you’ll move through a yoga practice that energises your body, uplifts your spirit and unleashes any unwanted burdens. Stillness in meditation follows, allowing the mind to settle, your brain to relax, your heart to purr and your soul to soar.

Daily fresh and delicious food nourishes your soul. Massages and other delights pamper your weary muscles and revive your tired mind. Ceremony and culture opens your heart to other wonders.

Stories are shared, tears may be shed, shields will soften, hearts open and your inner Goddess emerges strong, rested and calm.

Listening to your inner wisdom you’ll choose just how much or how little you’d like to do and will thus be assured of being nourished from the inside out, and so leave who you are meant to be - a flourishing Goddess.

there is sunshine in my soul today

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Soulshine Bali
Ubud 80571, Indonesia