Cameron Highlands : Immersion in Nature Tree-House ~ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
--------- Working adults need 1 day leave on 16 Jun --------------

Cameron Highlands : Tree-House,­ Farms Visit, Mossy Forest, Mt. Brinchang on 4WD

Great outing For the Nature-Lovers with your kds !
Living with very basic & limited modern city facilities yet feeling very fulfilled, relax & in harmony with Mother nature is the theme & intent for this special event. Homestay in a tree-house !

Where are we staying is the Highlights

The cool, crisp air and lush, green vegetation in Cameron Highlands makes it a popular highland getaway in Malaysia. Visitors can learn about the natural surroundings, go for walks or simple enjoy the beautiful landscape in this sprawling hill station. In fact, with an area of 71,000ha, Cameron Highlands has a lot offer.

From your first lungful of fragrant highland air, sweat and stress will evaporate. Cameron Highlands: Malaysia's largest hill-station area, the breeze is freshened by eucalyptus, fuzzy tea plantations roll into the distance, and strawberry farms snooze under huge awnings. Temperatures in these 1300 m to 1829 m heights rarely top 30°C. This fresh climate inspires convoys of visitors to pick strawberries and sip tea here each weekend.

Where are we staying ?
erra’s Tree House is located deep into the mountain region of Cameron Highlands. We will call this tree house HOME for 3 days.

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In order to preserve this wonderful, beautiful and tranquility land, Terra’s Tree House refuse to use any machine for land leveling and massive agriculture development purposes. Up holding their vision of providing more people with the opportunity getting closer to our Mother Nature and have work hard to remain its original appearance at best.

Getting to Terra’s Tree House requires a 4 wheel drive [4WD] off-road journey for 4 km. The journey may take up to half an hour drive passing through numbers of farms and orchards, via a very narrow and bumpy trail. From the entrance arch of Terra’s Tree House, one need to hike for about 400 meters through a log piled trail created, which may take about 10 to 15 minutes up hill. It might be a little bit of challenging for people who do not exercise at a regular basis, since the mountain trail is quite steep. Considering the luxurious fresh air and scenic view offered, you are much welcome to take your own sweet time, slowing down your pace, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the breath taking view! We have booked the entire tree house just for this event ! Note : This is a homestay style.

What's the plan ?

DAY 1 - Fresh vegetable & fruits market & a unique lunch place (L/D)

After our over-night drive : we will arrive at the busy morning market of Kea farm vegetable market. You will have your breakfast which you will be spoilt for choices ! After you done with your morning walking & vegetables shopping, we will load up our coach & head for a very special location for our lunch which is included. This is a surprise & we are intentionally not posting any info here. Only you can fill this part. After this special lunch we will then be pickup by 4WD to begin our rugged ride to the entrance of our tree house. The short trek up to your allocated tree house is the fun part, do slow down & enjoy the steps up !

DAY 2 - Cameron highest point Mt. Brinchang, 2031 m + All farms visit + Mossy forest (B/L/D)

After enjoying our healthy breakfast at our tree-house we will do a short trek to the waterfall nearby. After lunch is where we head down. With our 4DW we will charge up to the highest point of Cameron highlands : Mt. Brinchang @ 6,666 ft.

After taking all your photos at the top; our guide will take us for a walk into the Mossy Forest. A walk into the Mossy Forest is something that is never to be missed. Some visitors call it Malaysia's Jurassic Park. Once you are out from the forest, the journey continues to Butterflies + Strawberry + Cameron Valley Tea Plantation. Be prepared to keep shooting ! There are much more info but writing down here will flood the page - only your own experience bank can handle that by joining us in this nature trips !

DAY 3 - Lata Iskandar waterfall

After our yummy organic breakfast - we will check out & head down to Lata Iskandar waterfall which you will have lunch there [BYO]. After filling up your camera with photos of the waterfall & your stomach with local food - we will then drive home !


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Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia