Punda Thursday Vibes - Carnival Kick Off ~ Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

Revive Punda - During the Thursday nights Punda turns into a festive, vibrant gathering place for young and old. With a wide range of planned activities, you are about to experience the best our city has to offer.

Punda Thursday Vibes revives the Punda experience that so many people love. Bars and restaurants offer Happy Hour and dinner specials. Stores remain open during sunset hours and you will be greeted with live music, entertainment, fireworks, flokloric dancing and many other special activities.


- Get to enjoy the kick off of Curacao's Carnival season!

- Dance the night away with our brass band who starts at 7pm at Wilhelminapark. Accompanied by female dancers it will become a party like no tomorrow!

- Be overwhelmed by tonights festivities and continue the party at The Pub around 8:30pm. Enjoy upbeat music with Roadfire and go crazy!



- Sunset shopping! Profit from tempting promotions and score local crafts, goodies or souvenirs. With a wide range of choice, Punda turns into a real Walhalla for shopaholics during the Thursday evenings.

- Made in Curacao market (tourist tip)
Since Punda Thursday Vibes is all about celebrating what is ours, we give our local entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their products. Get yourself amazing souvenirs every Thursday from the Made in Curaçao market.


- An Art Walk is the perfect opportunity to explore the artistic treasures scattered around our city squares and streets.

- Admire and/or purchase art from artists such as Omar Maduro, Adriana Martina, Ivooze, Omar Sling, Chichi at Serena’s Art Factory, Nena Sanchez and Bijouterie shop.


Stay tuned to get an updated schedule on this Thursday's music program!


- Handelskade - Handelskade is feeling the Punda Thursday Vibes! At Iguana Café and Vienna Biergarden the Happy Hour will start at 18:00. Come and sway to Latin tunes performed by La Bomba while enjoying refreshing cocktails till 22:00.

- Plasa di Flor / Wilhelminaplein - Plein Café and Cafe de Buren will start vibing from18:00 till 22:00. Besides kids entertainment, live music and happy hours, Plasa di Flor offers a variation of food specials during the Thusday Vibes. Would you go for the Unlimited Ribs Special, a Krioyo dish or a tasty Lasagna?

- Columbusstraat
Columbusstraat will be one happy street during Punda Thursday Vibes! Come and check it out. Live music, happy hour and much more!

- Keukenplein
Keukenplein means the Kitchen Square. Where do you get food? In the kitchen! Keukenplein as well is offering musicians a stage. With a grand piano, keukenplein invites all piano players to come out and play along.

- Hanchi Snoa
Italian and Caribbean will meet in Hanchi Snoa for Punda Thursday Vibes!

- Gomezplein
Except for an extraordinary cover band, at Gomezplein a ful-filled evening is guaranteed. With happy hours, the made in Curacao market and local snacks, Gomezplein is definitely worth a vist.

Public parking rules only apply until 18.00, which gives you free parking in Punda and at Waaigat during Punda Thursday Vibes. At Waaigat Parking security will be present.

Willemstad - Punda
Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles