Toddler Playgroup Delft MaMa ~ Delft, Netherlands
Location: KDV De Vlinderstruik, Lodewijk van Deysselhof 165, 2624 WP Delft


Welcome to the DelftMaMa international toddler playgroup for munchkins aged 0 - 4, accompanied by their parents, grandparents, carers or mentors!

Attendees come from all over the world. The lingua franca of the playgroup is mostly English amongst the grownups and international hands and feet language amongst the youngsters.

These informal gatherings have been the start of many long lasting friendships amongst the DelftMaMa members.

Playgroup runs every Tuesday and every Friday all year round except holidays.

It is an open group and everyone is welcome to join anytime. Haven't you joined us yet? No rush but, how about you show up the next meeting?

Adults mingle with a cup of coffee or tea, kids play together or on their own whilst chewing a cookie or leaking a bread stick.

Playgroups are located in the modern and safe facilities of the SKD Kindergarten. A DelftMaMa volunteer is in charge of opening, closing and making everyone new or regular feel at home.

* You are welcome every Tuesday and Friday from 10.00h to 11.30 at KDV De Vlinderstruik Lodewijk van Deysselhof 165 2624 WP Delft.
You can reach it by bus 60 and 64 too. This space has beautiful indoors and outdoors areas to explore.
* Each family contributes 2 EUR per visit to cover tea, coffee and biscuit expenses. Loyalty cards available at 20 EUR per 12 visits!
* There is plenty FREE PARKING available at both locations for bikes and cars as well.

For more information contact us at

KDV de Vlinderstruik Delft
Lodewijk van Deysselhof 165 Delft 2624WP, Netherlands