Tinkergarten Homeschooler Winter Trial Class ~ Bethany, United States
Our Winter season begins soon, and we'd love to have you join us. Sign up for this free Tinkergarten trial class to experience one of our engaging play-based learning activities in the best classroom of all: the outdoors!

In Tinkergarten classes for ages 6-8, we enjoy a variety of activities and challenges involving nature exploration, creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. It'll be a great way to keep homeschoolers active and moving during the winter!

This free trial is open to the first 15 kids (and their parents or caregivers) to register at: http://tkgtn.com/7z9lg. If your kids are younger, or a different date would work better for you, follow the link to see three other trials!

I hope to see you then!

Elden Lyon Park
7400 NW 36th St Bethany 73008, United States