KARMA FROG 16th anniversary showcase : Ludlow 6:18 to Mod Hippie ~ Culver City, United States
In April 2001, Karma Frog Records was born - at first just a vehicle to release Cockeyed Ghost's final, and perhaps best, album: LUDLOW 6:18. Over the years it evolved into a studio, a booking agency, and a promotional firm, not to mention a label that has now released over a dozen high-quality albums.

On April 28th, KARMA FROG will be holding its first-ever artists showcase at the Cinema Bar, celebrating our 16th anniversary with music running from our first album, Cockeyed Ghost's LUDLOW 6:18, to our latest: Mod Hippie's BIG WOW.

Joining us will be:
9:00 p.m. - ROB MARTINEZ. Rob's 2016 release NEW LOVE ENVIRONMENT burst into the consciousness of pure pop lovers everywhere with its concise, cannily arranged confections channeling the Beatles, Cheap Trick, Jellyfish and a bit of Brian Wilson. This will be Rob's first appearance in Los Angeles in many years and he will be previewing a few songs from his upcoming second album.

9:50 p.m. - PACIFIC SOUL LTD. A trio who "weaves classic California harmonies and 1970s R & B together into a scintillating sound" (London Evening Standard), PSL's 2016 album THE DANCE DELUXE reaches back to the life-affirming, optimistic and danceable vision of classic pop-soul. The band, which rarely performs in the U.S, expands to six pieces live.

10:40 p.m. - MOD HIPPIE's 2015 debut TOMORROW THEN found play on 60 stations worldwide including the Underground Garage, with its post-apocalyptic, garage-rock sound. Their latest album, BIG WOW, both pares down and expands the attack with a dozen songs that nod to both post-punk and power pop. With substantial contributions from X's D.J. Bonebrake (on drums) and David Marks of the Beach Boys and Moon (on lead guitar), BIG WOW's dark but tuneful vision anticipated and reflects our tumultuous reality - replete with a blistering cover of Elvis Costello's anti-Fascist anthem "Night Rally" (the first single).

11:30 p.m. - COCKEYED GHOST's final album was miles away from the band's punk pop roots. LUDLOW 6:18 was a desert rock film noir, a semi-concept album about leaving behind comfortable surroundings and daring to step into an uncertain future. Though not as well-noted on release as Cockeyed Ghost's previous three albums, it has attracted a small cult of its own over the years. The ENTIRE LUDLOW 6:18 ALBUM WILL BE STAGED to close the night by members of the original recording band, plus anticipated special guests.

Copies of all these albums will be on sale at the show.

Please join us for this one-of-a-kind showcase night of 16 years of great music.

The Cinema Bar
3967 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City 90230, United States