Permit to Carry Class - Davenport ~ Davenport, United States
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With this class you can apply for your CCW permits in Iowa and Utah. The Iowa permit allows you to carry in 33 states. Adding the Utah permit allows you to carry in 36 states.

Illinois residents: You can't get an Iowa permit, but you can take our Utah class and get a Utah permit. A Utah non-resident permit allows you to carry in 30 states as you travel. (Illinois and Minnesota are not included)

Iowa CCW permit class $89
Utah only CCW permit class $89 (adds 1 hour to class)
Combined Iowa and Utah class is $139
One day class from 10:00 to 1:00
Register now, pay at the class

Classroom location:
Hampton Inn & Suites
5290 Utica Ridge Road
Davenport, IA 52807

Class topics:
* Developing a personal protection plan
* Self-defense firearms basics
* Shooting fundamentals
* The legal use of force
* Violent encounters and their aftermath
* Gear and gadgets
* Basic and advanced skills
* Iowa Permit to Carry law
* Utah Permit to Carry law

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Phone: 888-621-5136

Hampton Inn & Suites
Davenport 52807, United States