Zumba® Night Out in Maine: KASS & STEVE WORLD TOUR! ~ Portland, United States
1st Time EVER in Tri-state area - Masterclass with Zumba(R) top celebrity presenters:
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Steve is a ZES trainer: ( Zumba Education Specialist.). He is also Lead ZES for PRO SKILLS, an amazing training that will make you the best instructor possible. He trains Zumba instructors in Scandinavia, Middle East and all over Europe. Steve has appeared on ZIN one on one 39, ZIN LIVE 47, ZIN LIVE 55 and ZIN one on one 58. He also starts on the Basic 2 DVD and Pro Skills DVD and soon on the new Consumer DVD's for Zumba. A Nike Elite trainer who has presented in over 65 countries around the world, Steve has been awarded with over 7 national and international fitness awards. He has appeared on over a dozen highly awarded fitness dvd's. A stellar career began in Belgium in 1997 when he was awarded Instructor of the Year by FFA! Subsequent years saw him receiving Rookie of the Year 2000, Belgian Fitness Trophy 2002, 2003 EFAA presenter of the Year and the 2004 Presenter of Excellence UK and nominated as top 4 best international presenters in NY. Having traveled worldwide to over 45 countries from Japan to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea as a dancer, teacher and now presenter and trainer and as a member of the highly acclaimed and respected Belgian NIKE Elite Team. Steve is a trainer on 3 national television shows: The Biggest Loser, Fit Back to School and Celebrity Fitness! Steve is fast gaining international acclaim for both his original boundary pushing concepts and choreography as well as his approachable yet larger than life personality!


Kass is a Zumba Education Specialist from Provo, Utah. She lives with her husband, Brian, 2 kids & beloved Labradoodle, Butters. Kass grew up with her Mom as a fitness instructor but never thought she'd want to teach a fitness class. After her 2nd child was born, she needed an outlet & discovered Zumba Fitness! She soon became a Zumba Instructor. Kass loves teaching Zumba not just for how effective it is at getting students in shape but how GREAT Zumba makes you FEEL! People come out of a Zumba class sweaty, dancing, smiling & laughing from all the fun! Fast forward several years: Kass is now one of the TOP celebrities for Zumba & has appeared in many DVD's. She is a character you can play on 3 Zumba video games. Kass is a ZES who's presented trainings & Masterclasses in more than 25 countries worldwide. She has appeared on the Today Show, Martha Stewart, The Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance & Steve Harvey! Kass is a lover of family, boating, summertime, relaxing and good food!

Steve & Kass have been teaching trainings, Masterclasses & workshops together for several years both here in the USA, in Europe, Scandanavia, the Middle East & Asia. Their class is truly unforgettable...


The Westin Portland Harborview Hotel
157 High St Portland 04101, United States