Bridging Two Worlds with John Holland ~ Sarasota, United States
- Do you yearn to hear from a family member or friend who has passed?

- Do you want to know if they have the ability to influence your physical lives or why they draw close at certain times?

- Would you recognize the signs that your loved ones are sending you, and if so, would you know how to interpret them?

John Holland will present this fascinating insight into how a medium connects with Spirit to bring healing messages of hope, love, and closure. John will reveal how Spirit communicates through them, how he validates the identity of each Spirit and interprets the message with the specific loved one in the audience.
Join John for this lively evening! Without doubt, John has one of the most down to earth styles and he makes the subject of ‘Communicating with Spirit’ so approachable and unpretentious, and highly accessible.

Book signing. $39.95 early bird, $45 general admission (or both John Holland events only $159).

The Spirit University
373 Braden Ave Sarasota 34243, United States